George Anastasios Magalios

Google Balm is my answer to the google domination of the web. Nearly every day I get asked “Have you heard about the new changes to google’s algorithm?”. People speak of google the way the ancients used to revere Zeus and other gods. But google is only one among many search engines. Though its dominance is without question today, it is not perfect. My writings will highlight my experiences in managing campaigns for both search engine optimization and online reputation management (reverse seo).

George Anastasios Magalios google balm editor

George Anastasios Magalios

When I started Mediasophia, I wanted to create a more holistic and creative approach to internet marketing that went beyond concerns with algorithms and programming. Most approaches to topping the rankings overly concern themselves with gimmicks and technical matters. After years of experience working on the web, even before it was a graphical user interface (, I realized that for a website to have any longevity it would have to original content on a regular basis. 17 years later the same is still true: The best sites have the most original content.

I will be providing writings about my experiences marketing websites from both a creative and a technical viewpoint.  In the process I hope to contribute to the discussion of marketing and cultural trends on the Internet.

-George Magalios


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